Keeping Your Garage Warm in the Winter

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Even if you don’t spend much time in your garage, having a winter-proof and heated garage is very helpful because it also helps in maintaining a warm temperature in your house during the cold season. A well-insulated garage provides you with a usable workspace all year round even when temperatures get downright nasty. The garage is often one of the most neglected areas in the construction of energy-efficient homes.

The many leaks present in your garage walls, roof, doors, and windows present a great and expensive challenge for you to make sure that your garage is maintained warm all through winter. Here are some great ways, courtesy of Garage Tool Advisor, to keep your garage warm in the winter:

Seal the Gaps

Cold air does not seep in through the door only. Cracks and crevices that are present in your garage also contribute to the problem. The main areas that you should check and ensure that they are sealed include:

  • Windows
  • Vents
  • Areas around the pipes
  • Electrical sockets

You should seal these areas and all other openings you may find using expanding foam insulation or caulking foam. Sealing the gaps will help you to create a buffer between you and the outdoors keeping warmer are inside your garage. For anyone who works on cars in their garage, a cold garage is most frustrating. You just bought the best socket set you’ve ever had and while trying to untighten a rusted bolt under the car, the ratchet slips knocking your knuckles into a sharp corner. It’s bad enough happening on a warm summer day, but with half-numb fingers because of a freezing garage, the pain is ten-fold. Sealing any noticeable gaps is time well spent.

Insulate your Walls

Your garage walls can be efficiently insulated using a fiberglass batt insulation material. To ensure that it serves its intended purpose effectively, select the most appropriate thickness for your walls and install correctly. Make sure that you securely fasten the batt insulation on your wall. A perfectly fitted installation is necessary for the insulation to remain functional for long.

garage-door-insulationUpgrade your Garage Door

There are a variety of specially designed kits available for you to insulate your garage door. You can wrap your door using reflective barriers, foam boards, and fiberglass batt insulation. Regardless of your chosen option, it should be cut to fit into all the garage door panels correctly. Also, you should secure your insulation installation with adhesive to keep it in the desired position. Nonetheless, if you find that your garage door can’t be fully insulated, you should replace it with a more modern, insulated design.

Fix your Weather-stripping

Weather-stripping forms a protective seal between the garage door and its opening. After prolonged use, the material can become brittle and cracked. The deterioration of the weather-stripping material allows air to enter into your garage between the door and frame creating cold drafts inside your garage. The best ways to keep your garage warm in the winter is fixing or replace your weather-stripping material entirely.

Before installing a new sealant, make sure that the surface is scraped smoothly and clean for a better and successful installation. To align your sealant during installation, you should close the garage door and then align the weather stripping ensuring that the rubber flattens slightly against the door. The alignment will ensure that you install a functional seal that will not tamper with the operation of your garage door.

Install a Garage Heater

garage-heaterSome of the best ways to keep your garage warm in the winter need not to be complicated. Sealing your garage will protect it from the severe cold weather but on their own, they will not increase the temperatures in your workspace. A garage heater is a great addition to your garage since it’s affordable and doesn’t take up much space.

Choose between a gas and electric model depending on your requirements. Keeping your garage warm in the winter will save your money and offer you a more comfortable place to work in. All the above solutions are fairly quick to do and don’t cost a lot of money.