Geothermal Heating – Be Smart From the Ground Up

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Before you even begin to think about geothermal heating, it’s important to get the first important piece of information out of the way.  It is a fact that the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency have indeed validated that GSHP (ground source heat pump systems) and it is listed along with the most energy efficient and environmentally-friendly systems available on the market today.

The EPA, in fact, issued a report in 1993 concluding that this technology denotes a foremost opportunity in reducing national energy use as well as pollution, and at the same time, delivers to the home owner the reliability, comfort and savings.

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The convenience of this system is that you can install it in any residential building of any size and on any size lot.  It can be installed in a single or multi-family dwelling and anywhere you want it installed. This system can be installed even under landscaping or driveways or even if you wanted it installed under the house itself. According to Life Jacket Advisor, other than water, the ground has one of the highest heat capacities out there. There’s a reason when you’re out on the river in your kayaking life vest and the sun feels hotter than you think it was on shore.

But what if your house is already built?  Can that house be retrofitted with this system? 

Well, the surprising answer is yes!  And it can be retrofitted using the ductwork that is already present. Your installer can determine the requirements of the ductwork and can determine what modifications need to be made, if any.

The following is a list of additional benefits of a GSHP:


  • Both builders and home owners can benefit from the special financing that is offered through the manufacturer or the utility


  • There are no open flames whatsoever, nor are there dangerous storage tanks for fuel
  • It’s a very quiet system
  • Any equipment outdoors will not be exposed so there can be no damage to the system, nor can anyone, children or pets, be hurt


  • The GSHP system can save you up to fifty-percent on your heating and water bill.  It does this by pre-heating the tank water
  • It is made of components that are either located in the dwelling or buried underground
  • The GSHP piping carries up to a fifty year warranty
  • The size of the unit is approximately equivalent to your traditional heating and cooling unit
  • Your energy consumption may be cut up to fifty percent thereby reducing costs of maintenance
  • In the winter, the unit keeps the air warmer and keeps the temperature consistent.  No more hot and cold spots!
  • The heating efficiencies are at least fifty to seventy percent higher than other systems
  • You will save money in maintenance and operating costs
  • Your investment can be recovered in just a few years


  • The unit conserves natural resources.  It provides control of climate and lowers emissions
  • The ozone layer destruction is at a minimum because it uses refrigeration systems that never have to be re-charged
  • Because of the underground loops transferring heat, there are no external vents to promote air pollution

According to, the Economic Stimulus Recovery Act of 2009 has removed the cap limit on residential dwellings GSHP.  In fact, it states that you can now receive a federal tax incentive which is equal to thirty percent of the cost of a qualified GSHP.

So, all in all, according to the above information, doesn’t it seem worthwhile to take a look at this system? It is worth reading about it to become well informed of the advantages of installing the Geothermal System Heat Pump to yourself and the environment.