About Us

The Green Heat Initiative project supporting the development of British Columbia’s bio-energy sector by providing market and industry development assistance for green heat projects.

The Green Heat Initiative will result in the support or implementation of  Green Heat projects in British Columbia. These projects will support an increase in employment and provide energy-cost savings to communities. For the purposes of this project, Green Heat refers primarily to woody biomass; the use of wood pellets and wood chips as an alternative to fossil fuels.

The economic fundamentals for Green Heat already exist in British Columbia, what is missing is the knowledge and experience required for communities and industries to fully adopt existing technologies. This project will support the capacity development, relationships and demonstration projects required for the “green energy” sector to initially develop and continue to grow once the project is completed.

Communities and businesses require support in identifying and implementing green heat opportunities, specifically:

  • Understanding green heat alternatives
  • Identifying buildings where green heat provides potential for cost savings
  • Completing cost-benefit analysis to determine savings available through green heat installations
  • Evaluating alternatives and developing specifications for tender
  • Accessing financing to complete projects
  • Industry players require support in developing expertise, networks and markets. Industry players have the technical background required to implement green heat technologies, but limited or no direct experience with green heat.

The project will provide industry with support in:

  • Developing networks of related businesses that can work on projects in partnership
  • Building technical/knowledge of contractors in bio and green energy opportunities
  • Sales opportunities for bio-heating manufacturers and retailers